Additive Manufacturing

 The manufacturing process that allows designing produce implants in any geometries

  • Additive Manufacturing of products from CAD data by means of Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

  • The material used is Titanium alloy Ti64ELI (grade 23)

  • Final part precision on the level of ±25μm

  • High-quality volume density with a low porosity level

  • Stable material parameters with the ability to be improved by annealing methods

  • Large building volume 250x250x325mm

  • Ability to run 24/7 with a high productivity  level

  • Ability to produce porous surface structures

Porous structure

 Unique structures improve the osteointegration and reduce implant weight

  • AM facilitates manufacturing of implants with the porous structure on the surface

  • Technology enables to create implants with physical properties very similar to human bone

  • Porous structures can be manufactured with various geometric shapes, pore sizes and lamellae thickness

Raw Material

  • Titanium alloy Ti6Al4V ELI (grade23) is applied in the process

  • Commonly used in medical applications, it conforms to the international standard ASTM F136 & ASTM F3001-14

  • Characterized by high strength while maintaining low weight and excellent biocompatibility

  • Application in additive manufacturing allows producing a patient-specific implant

  • Material and production technology used has practically unlimited possibilities at the required shape and size of the implant

Biomedical Engineering is design and manufacturing centre that provide production of patient-specific implants, anatomical models and serial  AM production service. We believe in power of innovation and our products manufacture with in high standard requirement and medical certification.

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