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Biomedical Engineering was established back in 2010 by researchers and developers, Dr. Radovan Hudak and Prof. Jozef Živčák, due to an identified need for higher levels of customization within the medical implant device market.  Dr. Hudak’s mission was to create a more versatile, lightweight implant for usage during bone replacement surgeries. And so Biomedical Engineering was born!



Company was one of the very firsts to introduce the usage of 3D printing for medical implantation purposes, achieving an unprecedented level of implant design customization. Today, the company’s team boasts eight biomedical engineers and designers, all working together to expand the company’s offerings and reach to medical hospitals around the world.



We introduce innovations in health care.

Here are a few honors we’ve received for our innovations in Implant design:

  • 2015: Award winning finalist – 2nd place, Slovak Republic National Award for Quality, category B, EFQM model

  • 2016: 1st place, Pacient Specific Implant for thoratic surgery TRENDs TOP industrial inovations

  • 2017: 1st place, Pacient Specific Implant for spinal surgery, TRENDs TOP industrial inovations

  • 2017: 1st place, product inovation, Pacient Specific Implant for spinal surgery – inter-vertebra disc replacement, Slovak Republic National Economy Minister's Award – Innovative Action of the Year,

Biomedical Engineering is design and manufacturing centre that provide production of patient-specific implants, anatomical models and serial  AM production service. We believe in power of innovation and our products manufacture with in high standard requirement and medical certification.

Biomedical Engineering, s.r.o.

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