Patient-specific solution for maxillo-facial reconstruction

Our Maxillo-facial implants are designed to anatomically fit the relief of skull. Application of porous structure mimics the real bone architecture and secure the fusion. Our Unique butterfly fixation mechanism is designed to promote rigidity fo human-implant interface. 

3D designed product personalized for a specific patient

  • Better anatomical fixation on pre-defined positions

  • Implant fixation points are integrated and determined in cooperation with the surgeon

  • Fastening material/screws – take into account the individual thickness of the cranial bone

  • Surgery terrain can be printed in plastic for a surgeon operation plan revision

  • Significantly reduced operative and reconvalescence time compared to common reconstruction

  • No additional adjustments during surgery

  • Fully satisfying aesthetic results for the patient, comfortable work for the surgeon

  • Impact and fracture resistant material suitable for the protection of inner structures

  • Autoclavable, recommended sterilization according to ISO17665


Contact our expert

Name: Rastislav Penciak

Phone: +421 905 564 234

Email: rastislav.penciak@biomedicalengineering,sk

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