• custom implants made of titanium alloy (Ti-6AI-4V) manufactured by the 3D printing technology
  • plastic and metal prototypes manufactured by the 3D printing technology, manufacture of anatomic models
  • 3D scanning, digitalisation and modelling of medical products
  • medical data processing and adjustment
  • verification and validation of medical products, medical metrology and diagnostics
  • science and research in the field of implantology, implant manufacturing and medical sensorics

Porous structures

AM facilitates the manufacture of implants with the porous structure that enables us to create implants with physical properties very similar to human bone properties.

This unique structure improves the osteointegration and reduces the implant weight

Porous structure is manufactured with various geometric shapes and pore sizes


Used material Ti-AI6-V4 ELI (Grade 23) titanium alloy meets all the eligibility criteria for the long-term implantability as specified by ASTM F136, and possesses the required biocompatible and mechanical properties.

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